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June 2018
Gypsy Charms - Defined
Mon May 02, 2011 11:06 pm by Admin
Gypsy Charms is a world of 2d virtual chat where we embrace the love of all lifestyles from D/s to Vamp to Vanilla to Gorean to whatever one's choice is. Gypsy Charms is a safe haven for those who need her, when its needed. Within her walls, she holds rooms from fantasy to Kincade, a Sabbat home (Sect of the Masquerade, Vampire) to embrace your dark side, where D/s is the norm, to games as well …

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 Aren't we suppose to have a Disclaimer? lol

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PostSubject: Aren't we suppose to have a Disclaimer? lol   Tue May 03, 2011 1:07 pm

So here it is lol

*note: I didn't write, invent, or create Palace. My home is Gypsy Charms, I build, script do all the fun stuff (with help of other members of the home), So if anything horrible happens like ..your computer crashes, you cat runs away, your dog bites the neighbor, your sink overflows and water goes everywhere, your spouse divorces you, your girl/boyfriend leaves you, your kids hate you (due to having not getting a chance on the computer because you are on it), you get yelled at (because you are not cleaning the house or something.. you are playing on the computer.. - and someone else wants to ), you realize you have having rabbit for Sunday dinner and you just happen to notice that your pet bunny is missing, someone ate the last of the potatoes chips, the last can of soda is missing, you missed a phone call (because you are on the computer), you have no electicity - hence no computer (because someone didn't pay the bill - don't look at me), you spill your drink and "fry" your keyboard , smoke comes out from the back of your hard drive, you hear strange noises from your computer (and is not rebooting itself), your mouse does really weird stuff like glide all over the screen.. and you are not doing it, you forgot which button to click on the mouse, (no not the little furry ones with the little eyes that I feed to my snakes), all the letters, numbers and symbols have disappeared from your keyboard and you don't know what key to push, you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night just to get on computer, squirrels invade your living quarters and eat your socks along with evil penguins that have taken over but they leave the tidy whities that anit so tidy whitey on the floor, you are soaking wet becuase you stood in the rain ( forgot to take umbrella), some random guy name Bob shows up at your doorstep, some random guy whose name you don't know is standing beside Bob, you forget that there is a real world out here and you are only in a virtual world when you are on the computer, you get lost in a chat somewhere and you can't get out - hint: close it out.. the litte "x" in the upper right corner...basically, since you read all this stuff.. if anything happens.. sure.. please let me know - leave a message.. but understand, it isn't my fault and you will hold me blameless and without fault, hmm .you won't kidnap my dog til I fix it.. I can't.. so you can keep the dog, or call me mean nasty names.. or anything else.. Have fun and enjoy.

P.S. If you actually read all of the above, please let me know.. as I would just like to know how many people actually read stuff like that.. hmm think it is called a

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Aren't we suppose to have a Disclaimer? lol
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